New England Hurricane?!

Wow I went to work today in my snapon tool truck making the rounds on the shoreline in Ct , waiting for this big Hurricane earl to hit.

Well it wimped out and I guess it just skirted off the coast and heading up to Cape Cod in massachusettes lucky for us.

We got a little rain we’ll see not even enough to fly a kite.


Hey Joe, ain’t it awful, ya can’t even “go fly a kite” these days!


After I got offline last night, after a few brewskies, and practicing a few riffs here and there - I had FoxNews on. Shepard Smith was talking about the impending hurricane and all that! ???

Only thing is, Fox went on about it for hours, man! I missed seeing “Red Eye” with Greg Gutfeld! They’re always bumping/pre-empting his show for tons of plain bullshit! >:(

And I don’t go to Fox News online or anybody for that matter to watch news shows I can get on TV!

I did like MSNB’s catchy little “My Name Is Earl!” header! That was funny! :smiley:

But the hurricane just passed by, and it’s still 95 degrees hot out here on the east coast! Go figure! :stuck_out_tongue:

For those celebrating: Have A Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend!

Pizza’s hot; beers are cold - Gotta get to them now before they switch places! :o

Laters, ya’ll!!