New from Oregon

(Please pronounce Oregon as “ory-gun” - NEVER “Ory-gone” - if you learn this simple thing, you will win the admiration of your friends who shall be amazed at your new knowledge.)

Regardless, I’m new, stumbled across JP’s site and discovered that, in my newby know nothing state of looking for a harp, that I actually had purchased his favorite Special 20 by accident. Weird -

Also have a Big River Harp and a cheapo set of 7 Bluesband. Already with the Bluesband some of the notes are dead on a draw… weird again.

All this is new to me so I will be peppering you all with questions, thoughts and random musings.

Well, I will try to remember how to prounce the state! I am originally from MN, so sometimes my accent gets ahead of me…

But Welcome! This is the place to ask questions!


Welcome to the harmonica forum from Tennessee (that’s Ten-uh-see). ;D
You will find plenty of friendly help here! I look forward to seeing you in the forum!

As one who hails from NeVAHder myself…I’ll try to remember all that! ::slight_smile:



Ya’ll come back now, hear?! :slight_smile:

Well it’s there if you’re a Minnesodar Canaydeun.

Yeppers, we learn something new everyday 'round these parts here!

Rock on, yo!

Howdy from Sow Kyalina. To you foreigners that’s S. C.

Yo BB –

Is youse anywhere nears Nort Kerralinuh? :o

I think I’ve might’ve been there a time or two muhself! :smiley:

been out of town, so I’m a little behind on the posts.

Welcome! Im from North Carolina…say it however you want, I dont care, lol.

I noticed your name, Stalkingbear. Is this a tribal name?

I am Ustiyonv (little bear) of the Cherokee.

My Daddy was Irish, my Maw was Cherokee, they called me “Run get Whiskey”


naw… nothing as exotic as that. I have Papago friends, Navajo friends and Hopi friends from the southwest, some Modoc friends from the northwest… nicknamed ‘coyote’ by my Papago "friends’ - that is another story for another time.

Stalkingbear happened to be a favorite cat…