new from uk

Hi there my Name is Danny I live in Liverpool England, I’m orig ionally from Scotland, so got a strong accent lol. just amended this profile because the last on didn’t say anything and it wasn’t from the heart and what a musician if he doesn’t play from the heart!

So about me! well ! I’m an ex guitar player, I used to look forward to getting in from work pick up my 6 string and just jam away but one day at work I had a bad accident my left arm was almost severed from going through a window, I was told by my doctor that I may never use my hand again, well i proved him wrong within a year was back at work but the power in my hand wasn’t great I can only play a little now

Recently I had a mate visit me from Scotland and while the beers were flowing he noticed a harmonica in the drawer where I kept my bottle opener he asked what I was doing with a harp in my drawer i told him that someone gave me it after my accident saying that it was a great little instrument with a book that was hard to follow

Then he said something that blew me away "No Danny I meant what are you doing with this in your drawer when it should be in your pocket, you told me a hundred time that you couldn’t jam cos you cant do guitar like you used to … you never said you had one of these… what wrong with you C’mon lets jam"he’s a guitarist
I told him I cant play so he said "listen to this guy on youtube his names JP Allen, he does lessons too "!so I listened and was blown away I looked around and I thought this little instrument is amazing so I looked at allot of courses most of which weren’t that good, some looked OK but very costly, so I took my mates advice and … here I am. I really love the harp now my ex wife even said “its like looking at you b4 the accident, you more alive , you re-found music” she loves hearing me practice and today when I tried my lessons out she was sitting with our 7 year old daughter just watching,with a smile on her face I haven’t seen in years, my wee 7 year old wants to learn now lol

well that’s my story I’m looking forward to going into the open mic scene in Liverpool down the cavern where the Beatles first started where there are regular jam nights and over at Lennon’s bar in fact the whole area is about music its great to be getting back to it and I cant think of one better to replace my guitar than my harp, jammin away entertaining and playing my harp is my future,that’s all I can say accept … that harp is no longer in a drawer … its in my pocket ready to be played. U wanna Jam? :wink:

Hi and welcome to you.

Have fun with the harp it really is a cool instrument.

Let us know if you get stuck. We can help

Harp On!!

thanks JoeI am honnestly lovingit itsgreat fun learning

Welcome pheonix! Let us know if you get stuck and we will do our best to help out!

thanks Paul, I will do just that :slight_smile:

Heck yes I wanta jam! I liked the story! I got a good friend named Pheonix, but he’s in Belarus! Had me going there for a sec!

Peace Out Bro!