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My name is Mike Angelastro. About a year ago my wife’s father died. One of her fondest childhood memories was her father playing the harmonica at the bottom of the stairs while she and her brother were falling asleep. Her most memorable song was “O Mein Papa”. I decided to buy a harmonica and I learned (somewhat) how to play it. We recorded it on the computer and she had it played at the funeral.

I bought a Hohner 56/96 Echo Harp (C/G) and that is what I used. I like the sound of it but it appears to have limitations that I don’t know how to get around. When playing “O Mein Papa”, I had to switch from the C side to the G side to get a certain note; but it seemed clumsy. I turned out that my father-in-law played a chromatic and that was much more flexible than the Echo. So I looked around the Internet for a lesson that was geared to this model harp but come up with nothing. I can’t even find a book.

Does anyone know how I can find a lesson plan for this model? Does have any lessons for the Echo?



Hi, It turns out that my term was too limiting. I should have searched on he term “tremolo”. It looks like there is some info out there. Could not find a book though.


Just going to have to work through with the tremolo.

Any straight harp songs you can play on a diatonic, you can play on the tremolo.

Check out YouTube for examples.

Good luck!

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When I said diatonic, I was in error. I should have said chromatic. I corrected by original post to say “chromatic”.

You can find plenty of information on chromatics easy enough.

This is the best site in all of Harmonica Universe to begin from:

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hey I’m pleased to meet you!

I want to get an echo harp sometime…its on my list!