New guy from Iran

Hi there! My name is Sasan and I’m from Tehran, Iran. Happily I’m a lifetime member here. I picked up the Harmonica a few months ago. I got a chromatic 12hole harmonica at first. I subscribed to JP’s free lesson with Rebecca and I watched all of it. Then I wanted to find a 10hole diatonic harmonica which wasn’t easy since it’s not a very common in my here. Finally today I could get a Hohner traveller which is unfortunately made in China. Hope it’ll work for a while. I’ve got a little trouble paying for JP’s DVD’s at the moment, and besides, here we don’t have any credit card or something like that to pay through the internet, and even if we had, there’s no delivery to here either. So apparently I’m stuck. I’ve tried a couple of videos made by other harmonica teachers but they were no good. The good news is, I’m gana move to Malaysia in a few months where credit cards and internet shipping is available. But what can I do till then? Are there any other free lessons by JP available? I haven’t searched for them because I think you guys can help me do the best. So, what do you suggest I do?
Good day,

Sasan JP’s got a lot of free youtube lessons,

I think there’s a lot of free lessons to get you going ;D

Good luck with your Diatonic, any questions or you get stuck,
post your question here lots of friendly people to give you advice,

Harp on!!

Howdy Sasan from Tehran, Iran!

You must’ve been the one who voted in Our Global poll from the MiddleEast#2 section.

If not, well, then you and we have more company from your neck of the woods!

Welcome All!

Yet also, hey, man - Hope you click around our various topics; in them you’ll find plenty of YouTube clips we found from all over to help ourselves and our fellow harpsters and harpsterettes learn more about everything harmonica!

Believe me too, you won’t be doing JP any disservice by watching and learning from not just him but as many people as you can! JP encourages diversity everywhere - As long as you just have fun doing it! Makes it so much better to learn that way!

On that fine note then:

Good Luck! Oh, am hoping too, your little Hohner Traveler stretches out far enough to get you to Malaysia!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

Hi There! Thank you for your response. I’ve searched on YouTube & I found some stuff from JP. Just one question then, is there order or something to watch that videos? I’m not quite sure which one to work on. Is there any difference or should I just try to work on anything I find?
Thank for your help,

You’ll work your way around just pick something out that looks interesting and
you’ll be on your way.

Now I used his DVD CD package to get me going all nice and organized step by step.

Check that out if your interested.

Harp on!!

Hey Sasan!!!

You can also find lessons at

Let me know what you think.


Hi JP!
Before anything, now that I have the chance, I want to thank you very very much for all the harmonica lessons you gave people for free, they’ve been wonderful so far!
I wasn’t around for a while, so I just saw your post. Thank you! I’ll try them and let you know what I think.
Another thing is, when I got your email about your new teaching system for 99cents, which I’m trying to find a way to pay and get them, I tried to have a look at the tabs of a couple of songs that I like, but the thing is, for most of the songs when I try to go to my antivirus detects a Trojan and bands the website (one example is tabs for “Take Me Home, Country Road”). I emailed this to but I’m not sure if that’s an automatic address or somebody actually read it. So I’m writing it here as well. I think something’s wrong with the site.
OK, thank you for reading this. Have a good day!
Wish you the best,

Thank You Sasan,

I Thought I was the only one having that issue :’( Yup i get the same message trojan and it blocks the sight :’(

But then I go out in my other computer and don’t have that problem so I don’t know ;D

I just opt to be cautious and careful :wink:

Harp On!!

Try going to GOOGLE and type the name of the song and put HARPTABS at the end. You will find access to harptabs through google.
Maybe this will help.
I think you can find COUNTRY ROAD tab at