New guy from St. Louis

Hi Everyone,
I am new to harmonica, but having fun reading reviews and all the forum conversations. I have a very old Lee Oskar. I am interested in the Suzuki Manji or Promaster. Can I get some thoughts on both of these harmonicas? Thanks so much.


Hi Jam

I have a load of Harps, last count around 25! not boasting, it’s been a long and quite expensive road learning about which is the best Harp, I really don’t care about what it costs, my motto thru life has always been that you will only ever play as well as your instrument allows you to, I have £200 Harps and the other end of the scale with the humble ‘Golden Melody’ ?(which ain’t half bad) but,without going into the pros and cons of the various makes that I have I’ll cut to the chase and say that I am moving towards a Suzuki Manji M20 in every available key, great harps, not the cheapest as you know, but slot tolerances and reed length, together with a sort of composite comb, great bendability and easy on the lips, all make it number one Harp for me, I have a Promaster but have rarely taken it out of the box, its not in the same league as the Manji, but of course it predates the Manji by some time and is older technology, Suzuki have moved on since the Promaster. these are my thoughts anyway, hope they help you a little.