New guy from Virginia

I just registered today and I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Mark and I have been dabbling with the harmonica for about a couple years on and off. Mostly off. I started with lessons from the Harmonica Academy and learned a lot from there and can play quite a few songs from memory. They don’t sound great, but I can get clear and consistent single notes.

I’ve been on JP’s emailing list for about the same amount of time and decided to come to the forum and have a look around. It seems there are quite a few here who have had success with his CD/DVD set. I didn’t want to spend that much two years ago, but have since changed my mind. So I have the set coming in the mail. I’ve already started the first lesson on line. I think I will learn a lot from his lessons. JP seems like a really good teacher and an all around positive person. I look forward to gleaning as much as I can from him.

To keep my practice from falling behind or stopping altogether I plan on doing the ‘Harmonica Buddy’ idea JP suggested. This week’s goal is to spend ten minutes a day practicing breathing and phrasing as described on the Getting Campfire Ready 1.
And in case anyone was interested my username is an acronym for what I do- Radar, Air Traffic Control And Landing Systems.

Thats quite the username!

Pleased to meet you though, and feel free to ask any questions that you might have!

Looks like you are on the right track!


Welcome to the forum, good to have you join us! What part of Virginia are you from? I have a son north of Roanoak. I will be visiting around May when our grandchild is due.
Post any questions/problems you have and someone here will help out!

Welcome, Happy Learning from JP’s lessons.