New Guy on the Block

I just took up harmonica a month and a half ago and am having a blast with these things. I have been all over the web searching and learning to play some riffs after watching some of the greats on YouTube. I also signed up for JP’s newsletter and look forward to his videos he sends out. Thank you JP for starting this forum and inviting us all to join. I think I have read just about every post there is on here and enjoy hearing what others are doing. I cannot believe how addicting this little piece of metal and plastic(or wood) can be.

I play keyboard in a classic rock and roll band and thought that the band needed some kind of additional sound. So, being a bit of a smart guy, I asked my daughter to buy me a harmonica for my birthday. Of course my wife was really happy about that one. So, not knowing any better, my daughter got me a harp in the key of E as that was the key the band played in quite a bit. How quickly I found out that that was the wrong answer. Didn’t know about cross harp. Couldn’t take it back, she had it engraved.

Wasn’t a week later, I bought a set of BluesBands with a case on the internet and have now gotten to the point of starting to upgrade. Just picked up a couple of Lee Oskars today.

I love playing and look for opportunities to play and look forward to reading these forums daily.

Happy harpin and hope to hear from you guys.

A Big 10-4 on all that! Cool beans! And Welcome Flipside!


Thanks Street

Hey Flipside, welcome!!

If your like most of us you’ll eventually own harp of all Keys and makers, but that first harp your daughter gave you IS the keeper. Wear it around you neck and never loose it because no amount of $ can replace it.

I strongly reccommend that you save up and get JP’s training package it has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to learn and learn quickly.


Hey Barry,

I was in your neck of the woods today, had a granddaughter thing in Albany. Stopped by Guitar Center and picked up two new Lee Oskars.

You are practically my neighbor. Hope to be seeing alot of you and the gang on this forum.

Welcome Flip, shortened that name down didn’t we ;D

Good luck to ya and welcome to this great forum, I’ve only been
here for a couple of days and love it here. Just like being around
harp guys.

lot of good insight around here.

Harp on!!

Hey Flipside go to my profile and send me a email regarding your location.



Welcome. Cool that your daughter got you a harp. The key of E will definitely come in handy in the future.