New Guy Saying Hello

Hello! My name is mat and i have been on and off with numerous guitars for years, not really advancing or even trying to advance beyond a few chords. I picked up a harmonica about 10 years ago whilst waiting for a friend in a music shop and after a quick ten or so minutes threw in my drawer and forgot about it. Rediscovered it when my wife to be and I moved house a few years ago and figured I would give it a go, but with fixing the house, getting married and then having our first child I have only just got around to actually putting some effort in recently and after toodling around youtube looking for tips I stumbled upon JP. I pretty much exhausted all of his free stuff and so finally stumped up the cash for the full set of DVDs and CDs! It arrived last week and already I am more than happy with it, really looking forward to working through them!

I am also a big Lastfm user, any tips for artists to look up and listen to?

Hi Fruitlesseffort,

Not any more though with JP’s dvd’s and your effort you’ll be playing in no time.
I’m kind of walking your road my self just backwards found the harp now I picked up the guitar
just recently. (played with it a little a few chords and practice some scales but this harmonica is getting
most of my attention for now.

I’ve done JP’s dvd’s and cd’s that really got me hooked. Go slow with them though.

As far as artists to look up I’m sure people will be chiming in with their recomendation’s.

This forum is full of friendly helpfull people so check here often and pretty soon you’ll be
givin the advice.

Harp on!!

Hey Fruitlesseffort,

I’m so excited that you pulled your harmonica out of that drawer and got back into it…and happy you’re enjoying the lessons…

Just keep practicing a few minutes with them everyday and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can progress…and the bonus of it is that you’re child will love it and eventually join in!

Keep it up!

Your harmonica buddy,


Howdy Mat!

Welcome aboard!

And since you’re from the UK {peeked at your profile hehehe!} am figuring once all our other fine members from across the pond read about you, they can help with your being a big Lastfm user too!


Rock on, yo!

Welcome aboard. JP’s bundle should help you put lots of fruit in that effort. Just don’t wake the baby ;D

Howdy Fruitless, and welcome to our family.
You will love it here. You’ve already met some great guys right here on this thread.