New guy!

Hi everyone just got my e-mail from jp inviting me to join the forum. Figuring I havn’t picked up my harmonica in about a month or two for any serious practice,this might be my little bump start to get me going again. I am only a first year player/learner got my lessons from jp I got a few simple songs down ok ,happy birthday ,row row ,even got silent night to a somewhat decent sound,also got some of jps learning rythm’s pretty good but then it seemed like I reach a certain point and leveled off. Then life got busy and my dog started howling at me when I would practice soooo here I am :wink:

Victor, welcome to the harmonica world and this forum! I’m from Albany, New York. Just a tip to keep you harpin’, always have a harmonica with you and play anything, but play!!!

I try not to play songs, rather I play melody/music (improv), if you play established songs as a beginner I find your focus is on the song and not finding out what the harmonica can do. At the beginning I focused on playing just single notes and the throw in a cord and back to single notes. Suddenly you’ll notice that you are getting to know where to go next without giving it any thought. Once in a while you’ll hear a farmiliar riff to a song in there and off you’ll go. Slow Blues is a great place to start.


Just signed in. The JP lessons were great for me as a newbee harmonica player. Great guy!



Welcome aboard everybody…You too, Barry! :smiley:


Hey Victor,

I love that when dogs howl along with the harmonica.

Great way to jam if there’s no guitar player around to play with.

Glad you’re here!