New guy

Hi all,
New here…ummmm I play in a trio, I play a little harp on some songs but want to improve my chops so we can expand this aspect more i our sound.
first question! is the green Bullet the goto mic or what about the sm57…I have a Vibro Champ clone I built but may just go thru my Tweed 5E3 along with my guitar as it has 4 inputs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



You lost me at “Hi.”
Just foolin’…sort of.
Anyway, welcome to the forum. We’re all glad you’re here.
Check the threads. One of us has built some pretty cool harp mics.



Bullet mics are a good standby! I try not to weigh in too much on mic discussions, as I don’t have much knowledge, but there are others that can help you!

Peace Out!