new harmonica help! Please

Hey guys and gals,

So last halloween me, my, brother and some friends dressed up as the blues brothers…yes i know awesome…Anyway, to complete the costume i was given a harmonica. I drunkenly and instantly fell in love even if the party didn’t appreciate my added harmonica sounds and songs. After two or three months of periodically picking it up to play i finally started to commit and now play, if you want to even call my attempts playing, every day. I have no prior instrument experience other that turntables so its been a journey.

The harmonica i have been using, the Hohner Blues Harp MS key of A, doesn’t sound like it once did. The actual harmonica is pretty old from what i have been told from the previous owner and wasn’t taken care of very well. So i think its time for a new harp!! Yes!!

Money is not an issue and i really want a good one. I have been playing consistently for around 7 months and want to play more blues like music. I want a diatonic harmonica in the key of C that would be easy to play but i don’t want one for a kinderGardner either ;). So please help me out with some suggestions and why you suggest them

This is my first forum post ever as well so be patient.


I’m a big fan of the hohner blues harp. It’s screw together design makes it easy to setup and maintain and its very rugged. It isnt as easy to play as many plastic comb harmonicas but the wood comb makes it sound realy good. 2nd on my list would be the honer marine band. I find it to be more difficult to play but it is the classic blues harmonica. It’s biggest drawbacks are the comb isnt sealed so it warps and causes air leaks and it is nailed together making it hard to sevice. Next on my list would be hohner special 20. It’s reads are the same as the marin band but it is screwer together and has a plastic comb. I dont think it sounds as good as the marine band or blues harp but it still sounds good and it is much easier to play. final harp on my list wold be Honer golden melody. It is especially good for learning overblows and overdraws. I find it to be the easiest to play out of the harmonicas i listed but i dont think it sounds as good. Other people will have other favorites but these ar mine.

If money is no concern, there are MANY premium harmonicas
from various makers. Suzuki Firebreath and Seydel 1847 are just
two options. I’m not recommending these, just giving another
launching point. Everyone has a favorite. I have Seydels, Lee Oskars,
Hohners, etc. I don’t necessarily like them all. Get the subtle hint here?
You may get stuck a time or two until you find YOUR favorite.
Why not take Chris’ advice and start with a Blues Harp or SP 20 to learn with,
and then start researching when you will be able to tell if the instrument
responds well for YOU.
I am trained as a musician, but also as a music educator. I found EARLY ON
that there is no one perfect horn that will work for everyone.
I performed on a trumpet that no one else could control, but it worked
perfectly for me.