New Harmonica player -tremolo is my first choice-

Hey all, glad i ran into the forums as i’m about to receive my harmonica soon.
I know all about the diatonic c being the best tool for a beginner, and i will probably buy one down the line as well, but i just love folk music and the sound of the tremolo.

The ocarina is the only other instrument i’ve put time into, though i’ve also tried the recorder (Aulos plastic student), and the tin whistle.
I’m still pretty green when it comes to playing music in general, i’ve only been playing the ocarina for about a year or so.

Sounds good bro!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

Peace Out!


Thank you ^^, i will certainly have questions for you guys very soon.

Hello Dustylad. Glad you found us. Welcome


thanks ^^
My harmonica has not arrived yet…, only reason i have not been on the board bothering you guys.
Last time i order from that seller in Amazon.

Welcome dustylad! It’s no bother at all, we accually look forward to everyone’s posts!

Thanks pal.

Finally got my tremolo yesterday, it’s a Suzuki 2timer SU 21, sounds great.