New harp enthusiast sayin' hello

Hi there,

Just got JP’s DVD/CD set in the mail last night and am so excited I took a half day off work to come home and start learning! Have also been learning guitar (which is a lot harder) and thought it would be a fun compliment to those lessons. In just a few short hours there are noises coming out of my harmonica that actually sound good. Wow…I’m so amazed! I’m excited to be doing this and am looking forward to participating on this forum. Already have found some very helpful threads. Thanks to all of you asking great questions and more thanks to those who are sharing their knowledge to help us “newbies” get better.

Welcome. I play a little guitar and am trying to learn harmonica. Good luck with your quest.

Hey welcome windrider and thats not noice coming from your harmonica thats music. ;D ;D

Good luck with the course i remember when I took it I had a hard time pulling
myself away from it.

Let us know if we can help

Harp On!!

Welcome bro! I do a bit of guitar with my harmonica…buckets of fun!


Right on Windrider,

I like your name…glad you’re having fun with it!

Your harmonica buddy,