Just ordered my “Suzuki Firebreath” Hope I like it ;D

2nd day air so I should have by Friday :smiley:

I’m learning a song right now it’s in the key of “G” and I have the GM in that key
but also have a Beta Harp from Ben Bouman Manji in the key of “G” 8)

Big difference so much better the Manji is. So it inspired me to go after another
Suzuki and I wanted to try a Firebreath so I ordered it :wink:

I don’t know if my Manji was better because Ben Bouman customized it or it’s just a superior harp :-\

We’ll find out how the firebreath is ootb :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp on!!

Hope you love it! I own a Manji or two. I just ordered a Turbo harp, I’ll let you know.

You guys are so lucky. I have to wait 2-2 & 1/2 weeks to get my Promaster. :-\

Well anyways, the Firebreath was my second choice so tell me how it plays! Hope you enjoy this harp and that it plays well. I just realized that ootb means “out of the box” because of this thread. Well, who knows, maybe you’ll go from your GMs to Firebreaths. Oh boy that will be expensive!

BTW, how much did you buy yours for? Did you buy it from Musician’s Friend, Amazon, or some other store?

I got it here Ace

[b]How come it’s going to take you 2 1/2 weeks to get your Promaster did they not have it in stock :-[/b]

I think it was about 95 bucks for the firebreath.

Harp on!!

Well, i’m getting mine in 2 1/2 weeks because i don’t live in the continental U.S. I don’t really live near the U.S. So mine is delivered in 6-10 business days which is like 10-14 days. The problem is that time differences and weekends make it so that it might come next week monday or tuesday. It’s okay though because i still have my special Spec 20!

At your harp…

[size=14pt]95 bucks!?!?![/size]

You could’ve gotten it from Amazon for around 65 dollars. Or you could’ve used the Musician’s Friend “beat any price” deal and show them the amazon page. Well, i hope you really get a bang for your buck (well bucks).

[b][i]Oh Crap!! :’( :’(

I’m not much of a shopper just went to amazon, so I ordered one in key of A.

How does Amazon do it for 30 dollars less than everyone else ???

Harp on!![/i][/b]


Volume ya you may be right…but they still can’t be making that much on each piece for that price.

Harp on!!

@ "NS"JF (mwuahahahahaha!)

How does Amazon do it for 30 dollars less than everyone else Huh

Honestly - Amazon doesn’t do anything for less. Their suppliers do!

So not ‘practicing’ but rather “LEARNING” how to be a bargain hunter/shopper - It’s always good to bookmark the thing, then go in search for a competitor at a lower price.

If you find one, great! Then you can dicker. If not, well, you found what you found.

Just don’t go kick yourself in the ass later for not doing all your homework first! Unless of course you get off on it! And there’s nothing wrong with that…am just saying…mwuahaha!

@ McManus

I just ordered a Turbo harp, I'll let you know.

Which one, broski?

Rock on, yo!

Well got home tonight and Happy day or I thought…

Package from Music arts waiting for me so I proceeded to open the box, pulled out the harmonica
and something felt funny or (LIGHT).

Opened the harmonica case and “EMPTY!!!” :’( :’( :’(. [i]This can’t be happening :-[/i]

So me thinks my kids or wife are doing something funny, Now remember I ordered another one from Amazon.

I go upstairs with the box accusing everyone, who’s got my harp! >:( >:(

I really thought they sliced the tape and got in there and hid it on me. My wife walks down stairs and walks back
up with another unopened package with the one I ordered from Amazon. Which she was hiding from me. :o

So now I’m scratching my head what is going on never a dull moment here.

Someone must have stolen it from the warehouse where it got shipped and sent the empty box to me.

Called them they believed me and there sending me out a new one next week.

So now I’m thinking let me call Amazon up and …Just kidding I wouldn’t do that ::slight_smile:

But at least I got one harp and it is a cool looking harp lets see if I can play it.

Harp on!!

I ordered the Turbo 20 (the least expensive one). We’ll see–do you have a Turbo Harp? What do you think?

yeppers, posted my reviews already –

Reply #29 etc…

um, er, uh, where’ve you been?! hehehe!


rock on, yo!

I’ll be waiting for you review, Joe! They say the firebreath is one the best ootb harps for overblowing. Post some audio clips when you review it! :slight_smile:

Ya right sure, OK ??? Maybe for you ??? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I just tried and not even close to being able to overblow as I watch my self try on the Bendometer software.

I was overblowing so hard I almost passed out ;D ;D Couldn’t get the meter to move on 1 thru 6 over blow or
7 thru 10 overdraw.

The only thing I’ll say is I’m still trying to perfect my bends.

It’s all good though :wink:

Not good at doing reviews the harp works fine no issues definitely wouldn’t spend 100 bucks on it again :-[

But Amazon had it for 65. Might consider that price again :o Overall the “firebreath” is a cool looking harp,
that plays very nicely. Just picking it up you can tell it’s a quality instrument. :wink:

As I collect harps of all kinds I always seem to gravitate back to my GM’s :slight_smile:

Just some of them need work gapping and cleaning which I’m not that good at yet.

My next investment will have to be a tool kit for them.

Harp On!!

I think that harp will overblow, Joe. However, if you’re working on your bends, then attempting to overblow probably wouldn’t be a very good idea right now.

I was overblowing so hard I almost passed out Grin Grin

Overblows should pop out with very little effort…just like normal bends. Sometimes people think that you have to blow really hard to get an overblow, but it’s actually just a matter of proper technique and finesse. Blowing hard could actually damage the harp. I think a few years down the line when you start working on your overblows, you’ll find your Firebreath really helpful. You wouldn’t have to mess with the reeds too much.

I might buy one of these really expensive harps when I have enough $$ …but at the moment, I’m quite satisfied with $30 harps. With a little adjustment, I think they can be on par with most $100 harps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips Ashish, I’ll keep trying the overblows, but they will come in time hopefully 8)

Really starting to love the guitar, I know you play some also. I was practicing it yesterday and
just concentrating on the C, G and D chords. With them 3 I should be able to play “Blowin in the Wind”.

I actually went between the chords without looking. But the next big challenge is to make my fingers go
down on all the strings at the same time. You know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp On!!

Really starting to love the guitar, I know you play some also. I was practicing it yesterday and just concentrating on the C, G and D chords. With them 3 I should be able to play "Blowin in the Wind".

I remember I found it really, REALLY difficult to change between chords G and C. I usually do the 4 finger G, and so I have to reposition all my fingers to get a C chord. Practicing this change with a metronome helped a lot. I used to struggle at 40 bpm on the metronome, but now I can do it at 120 bpm without looking!

I’m having fun learning fingerstyle guitar right now. I just ordered a book on fingerstyle guitar - “Beyond Basics: Fingerstyle Guitar by Mark Hanson”. I hope it’s good!

What websites/books/dvds are you learning from?

  • Ashish

Right here…

Not crazy about it though because it’s so big there’s no step by step process for me to learn, I get lost there.
So I just find something and practice it till i get bored.

If you can suggest something else I would be interested.

Thanks Ashish

Harp on!!

This one seems to pretty well laid out.

Tell me what you think because someday I am going to learn guitar. My Grandad used to play ring of fire on his, and I’d like to learn that someday to honor his memory. I love my harmonica and will never put it down, but they go so well together it won’t be a problem. I never knew how much I was missing by not knowing anything about music until I started learning it.

Sorry I couldn’t reply back earlier…I didn’t have access to the Internet for 4 days. :-\

I don’t know about … but it looks good. You could use other websites (such as to decide what you should learn at this stage, and then you could find lessons on those topics on guitaralliance. Justin’s guitar lessons are great by the way…and they are free!

I also have the Learn and Master Guitar DVDs by Steve Krenz. It’s kind of expensive, but I’m enjoying it so far. If you’re learning on your own, I don’t think there’s any single dvd/website you could completely depend on. If I learn about something on the L&M DVDs, I also check out other websites to know more on the topic.

They say there’s no substitute for real guitar lessons from an experienced teacher. However, finding a good guitar teacher is difficult (especially where I live)…and so I’m trying to make use of all the other resources that are available. :slight_smile: