new harps OOTB

When you buy a new harmonica, it’s a little game of chance. It could be leaky and untuned. At least if I shall believe things I read on the net. (even though I know people are more likely to complain about things then the opposite (come on, it’s fun to whine now and then, admit it and move on ;D). Even if you buy a more ”costly” harp, at least the untuned stuff.

But, how usual is it really to get a useless piece of… ?

I can’t tune them myself and even if one of my goals is to learn, it will probably be a long time from now. I’ll concentrate on learning to play first, then we’ll see…

A harp might be a ”cheap” instrument compared to a Steinway grand piano, but it’s not free.

So for those of you who buy new harps now and then, how common is it to get a ”bad” one?

If you get a harp that is out of tune, you simply return it. That is not supposed to happen!

I’ve only bought one harmonica which I didn’t like. A Pro Harp MS. I used it to practice customizing on instead, so no money lost.

Unfortunately, even from my old music store days - Once you buy a harmonica and play it - There’s the disclaimer that because of health reasons the music store assumes no responsibility for out-of-tune harmonicas, etc. And says to return it to the manufacturer for services.

If it’s a Hohner of any kind, good luck finding anyone who works as an authorized Hohner repair service person.

Here in the states, and for years, all I ever saw was about some service guy up in Canada. So I’m sending off my $25/35+> harmonica to Canada - Paying for shipping, insurance, et al?! I don’t think so!

Fortunately, such places like Musician’s Friend and others will actually send you a replacement harmonica if you ask them nicely! Hahahaha!

I’ve mentioned in other topics about how MFrs and others have sent me additional harps by their own mixups.

Most recently, MFrs sent me an E Spec 20 when I had ordered an Eb. I didn’t even open the package; but they said for me to keep it and sent out another one in the correct key.

Now too, while Turbo Harp and other customizers stand behind their work - Yes, that’s about the only time you will send back their harps for them to service.

But just for any OOB harmonica – Well, investing a few dollars in a Lee Oskar tool kit or even small screw driver set to do even some of the most minor maintenance on it will take you a long way.

Hope this helps!

Keep us posted!

Keep on Harpin’!

Thank you both

If I understand you correctly it’s not so common then?

Does this apply for when you buy replacement reed-plates to? or is that something different?

It should. I, for one, would never accept a harmonica or reed plate that was out of tune. I don’t care what policy the company has on hygiene, they can’t sell defective instruments.

In the last year and a half, i have bought and played:

Hohner piedmont blues (i liked the case, but the harps worked too…all 7 of them.)

2 suzuki folkmasters, both good, but a little quiet for acoustic work with guitar.

5 suzuki harpmasters…all outstanding in every way…if you can use ET tuning…some folks don’t like it.

3 marine bands…one needed a VERY slight tweak on the 3 hole draw reed…it was playable, but not quite right for me…needed too much breath force on that reed only…the other two were and are perfect, and can be overblown on holes 4-6 out of the box. The A is my favorite harp hands down.

1 big river (not very good…until reeds were gapped, now it’s fine.)
6 or so special 20s…all excellent, but an occasional 10 hole blow or draw was leaky…mostly just fine.

2 suzuki promasters…perfect in every way with overblow on hole 6 ootb. Again, ET tuning.

1 hohner bluesharp. I had an older one too…also very nice. I wore the five hole draw reed flat on my c-harp after almost daily playing on it for over a year…my fault…i was bending the 5 hole…yes bending the 5 hole…frequently for a quarter-tone expressive feel. I like the blues harp.

disclaimer, i don’t care if a harp overblows out of the box, but it’s nice if it will. If it won’t, i adjust it

One hohner bluesband…ummm…playable, but pretty leaky. I like to use as little air as possible and this one didn’t cut it for me…didn’t try to tweak it though. The piedmonts were all better in my experience.

Favorite? I like them all…i will buy based on the requirements for the music i will use it for, knowing what i know of them.

Hohner piedmont blues (i liked the case, but the harps worked too..all 7 of them.)

[move]Another Piedmont Blues Man – Are Your Reading This Tyson?! ;D

Yea, I read it. It’s all good, I just don’t like them. So, you wanna pay shipping, I’ll mail them to ya! :smiley:

Not me, yo. But word on the street is some dude in hawaii might be looking for some harps for regifting. Don’t know much about the guy, but still might be pretty cool! Never know, eh?!