New Here - New to Harp Playing too - Need Some Heads Up :)

Hi… good to be here friends - call me Tone. I’m a poet more than songwriter but that never stopped me writing one, lol. Acoustic steel guitar is my passion - that and my Bob Dylan covers which of course connects with the harp. I have a Hohner Special 20 in C.

Just starting out on the harp and I think there’s something developing already - thanks to JP Allen’s Harmonica Lessons!! Now here’s the thing… Looking at some harp tabs I fail to understand what the ’ - ’ represents, i.e. does this mean blow? I have seen some tabs with + so I am confused. Also, while being a big Bob Dylan fan, having covered about a dozen of his songs on acoustic guitar, I only hear him playing between verses or as an intro/entro - just as John Dalton in the video:
Bob Dylan - Don’t think twice it’s alright - cover

Mr Dalton stated that he plays “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” with an A Blues harp, is it okay to play it with a C? Can anyone here provide the harp tabs for the parts he and Dylan play?

Much appreciated and thanks!

'lo Tone! (or should that be Hi Tone?! or…no matter…hey dude!!)

You are correct about the symbols used for tabbing –

Meaning: - (the minus) is for Draw; + (the plus) is for Blow; the ’ or " or '" are for Bends depending on which one, as in semi-step; half-step; whole-step.

1, 4, 5, 6 will only have ’ (semi-steps); 2 will have ’ or "; and 3 will have ’ or " or "’.

Chromatic tabs will usually have circles or + signs to indicate pushing in the slide. But you don’t have to worry about that if you’re playing diatonics.

Besides Bob Dylan, another good song to do the intro riffs on is Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” The chords and layout are easy; and you can have fun with it.

Speaking of fun:


Have fun!

Rock on, yo!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Yay, thanks SP Dude… 8)

I will take note of your info and give it some! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum as you, I also am a big Dylan fan.
Although I saw some you tube clips of his last concert
tour and he might consider retiring.

But what a legacy he has.

My passion is the harmonica and I am slowly learning to play accoustic.

Good luck

Harp on!!

Thanks Joe… Dylan will always be at the pinnacle… and keep it going with the guitar. 8)

Welcome Tone, to get a really good start jump over to JP Allen on You Tube and watch some of his beginning videos.


Hey Tone,

so good of you to join us…Love your picking. Dylan was and is one of my favorites. I’m really happy to hear your enjoying the lessons, and with Dylan as your mentor you can’t go wrong, I see you’ve already got it strapped on.

Thanks SPD for clarifying the symbols…you’re right on it dude.

Keep on keepin’ on,

Your harmonica buddy,