New here, too

my name is Jannis. I began playing the harmonica 6 month ago. First tried to play blues, but ended with irish folk. I am also learning the tin- and the low whistle and the ocarina.

Hi Jannis. I’m really new too. I started playing the harmonica about three months ago, but have only practiced playing American country songs such as “Oh Suzanna”. I’ve got one question concerning harmonicas. What’s the difference between an A harmonica and a C harmonica. I’m asking because I own a Hohner Marine Band A harmonica, but it seems that the most popular type of harp is the C.

I think, for beginners the C harp is most common, since most tutorials are made for C harp. But if you play for yourself and not with sheet music but with tabs, then it doesn’t matter. With a A harp you only play 3 semitones deeper then with a C harp.

For beginners it’s best to start with C harmonica. Most of the book with examples for C harmonica. It is easier to learn bend notes on the lower holes.

Hey Jannis,

Did you get to check out my blog post about Hal Walker and see his video?

Being that you love the Ocarina I think your get a huge kick out of Hal. He was also my first and best harmonica teacher so I’m forever grateful to him.

jp allen