New here

I have had a harmonica for years. It turns out it is a good one, but not the one to start out with.

I would really like to learn how to play a harmonica, something that has always baffled me as I didn’t know where to turn to learn, and my kids have also expressed interest in trying to learn as well. I would like us to learn together and see how we do. I hope that we can pick up some good tips here.

I really appreciated JP Allen’s site. It gave me a place to begin.

Howdy LK!

Well this is the newly-formed support site for everyone everywhere to talk about and learn from JP Allen’s video/dvd lessons. Plus a whole lot more!

So by all means, kick off your shoes and stay awhile!


Hey LK.

I’m glad my site is helping you.

Thanks for chiming in!


Hi LK, Welcome aboard , great place to be, to learn get encouragement and to share your thoughts and
Ideas. I think JP’s leasons are a great start for you and the family. I started with them my self just about
a year and 1/2 ago.

Go slow and one day at a time. Find a little time for practice everyday and you’ll watch yourself go
from playing just chords to hitting single notes (probably be your first challenge). Then pretty soon
after that playing some tunes 8)

If you ever get any questions just post up here you’ll have a lot of friendly people willing to give you some
advice :wink:

So good luck and most of all enjoy and have FUN ;D

Harp On!!

Hi LK ! :wink:
Nice to see ya :wink: