New here!

Hello! I’ve been playing for about 6 months now and I finally found this forum! A little abut myself:

I am really a classical and jazz percussionist currently taking music in university getting a Bachelor’s in Music (performance) degree. I do all of my playing the military playing witha fantastic brass/redd band in Canada. I am also a frequent jazz drum set performing around he south western Ontario area. I’ve always had an interest in harmonica and didn’t really “take the plunge” until a little while ago.

Surprisingly, because of my vast knowledge of music theory, harmonica has come very naturally to me and I have been hooked ever since I started learning and I’m already customizing my harmonicas.

Anyways, time to explore this forum!

Welcome to our crazy friendly forum!

Hi, I new here 2. My harp playing maily evolves in my kitchen… crowd is made up of children, grand children, son-in-laws and husband. Lots of love in the home cooking and soul in the music playing :wink: …The childrens and grandchildrens hav the theory. We have organs, older Hammond and Baldwin…base guitar, lead guitar, ( accoustic,electronic), there r drums, trumpets and harmonicas… I follow this post with Tom, he logs in regularly and keeps me tuned in… because of his great care… I log in today… :slight_smile: LOL. I was saying to Tom… some poeple would call thier surgeon for more morphine but I would like to call my surgeon to see if I can resume my harp playing LOL… wonder if this would warrant calling the surgeon that is out of town for the next few days… :wink: there is a military flair over here also so I think that is neat, plus really theroretically inclined… anyhow trailling back here and waiting for the doctors orders to bend my new Hohner special 20… and Oh Tom thank you for the great care… U should have your nursing certificate by now! LOL… Rach

Welcome to our little group. Everything in here is as friendly as at your kitchen table! Lots of friendly folks here to give you support.
I drive my wife crazy(ier) since I have become addicted to the harp. I carry at least 2 with me where ever I go. Even when I know I won’t be playing them.

Sounds good! We need variety to keep us all together!


Peace Out!