New kid on the block

Hi all, my name is Rod and I live in a small coastal town called Nelson in Victoria Australia.
I have been playing the harp about 2 years off and on and purchased JPs bundle about 12 months ago. This has really helped my enthusiasm and playing but I have a very long way to go. Great thing is that I just love 'havn a go" and it really feels good when (not very often though) tunes actually work out and sound ok. Favourite harp son “I’ll BE GONE” by aussie band of 70s called spectrum, it has lead intro and bits in between then harp exit. Pretty cool song.
I am hoping this forum and may b contacts within Aust will help me progress to stage where I can actually jam with others, that would be real cool!
Cheers for now

Hello, Rod!

Just wait til the fellow Aussies here get hold of you! :smiley:

I feel a harmonica band coming on!! ;D


Keep having fun!

Keep on harpin’!

Hi Rod big welcome to you if you have questions post em up your sure to get a bunch of helpful
responses from the crowd we got over here.
Spectrum ~ ‘I’ll Be Gone’ Live 2008

Had to post up your favorite harp song I like it.

Welcome again and have fun

Harp on!!

Wow Joe!

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know much about this group; but I really enjoyed watching their clip. So slow and easy, just my pace.

Too, reminded me of our discussion that MikePipe started here:

And what the group looked like way back when:

Now where’s the rest of our Aussie friends to introduce themselves also?!

Keep on jammin’!

Hi Rod,
Welcome to the forum. I am only new to the harmonica but enjoying it greatly at the moment. Like everything new I am finding it a little difficult to get through the early stages but I am sure it will get better with practice. Like you and many others here I have JP’s course but only had it a matter of a few weeks but following it quite well.
It good to see a fellow Aussie on the forum just a pity we are so far away. If you are ever up this way make sure you look me up. Good to hear from you hope to get a further update on your progress as time goes on.

Hey Rod,

glad to have you here and I’m really psyched that the lessons have been fueling your enthusiasm to play…keep it up!

Jamming with others and sharing music makes it all worth it…I know you’ll get there soon enough…

I’d love to hear the tune you were referring to…“I’ll Be Gone”…if you have a clip of it please post on the forum…

Your harmonica buddy,