New old harp player

Hello: My name is Walter Tore and I have been playing professionally on and off around the world for about 40 years. I have played with lots of the old blues guys and for the most part have been in hibernation for the past 15 years or so. I am the creator of spontobeat. I spontaneously create all my words and music as I go along. For the past 10 years or so I have pretty much been a live 1 man band (drums/cymbals on my feet, vocals, guitar, harp, keys, all at once). I recently went in the studio with a group of my longtime musical friends and we recorded a session in spontobeat. I put it up on cdbaby as a digital download. I am going to put up some one man band recordings soon. Walter

some of my videos

Holy Smokes Bro!

I just checked out some of your videos! I like what I see!

Peace Out and Rock On Bro!!!


Welcome to the forum! Nice to have more experience to draw from!

thanks for the welcome! Walter