New online Seydel and Suzuki shop. Free Uk postage. Great prices.

Slims Custom Cases are now licensed Seydel and Suzuki retailers and have a huge range of products with great prices.

So after a year we decided to make some changes to the website and now the website is back online, hopefully all the bugs have been sorted, but if anyone has a problem please let us know.

We Now have an online shop too where you can buy ready made cases.

We will be adding to the options over the next week so keep checking back for some great new options.
Slim’s Harmonica shop will be back in the future once we have it working the way we want, but if anyone wants to order ant Suzuki or Seydel products feel free to contact me.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video review from Ronnie Shellist, I sent him one of my signature cases recently, just before his new album tour to promote his new CD “Til Then” (check it out it’s great).

The competition to win one of my new signature mic stand attachable case is still in the works and details of which will be posted soon.

Hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of the website.