New photo

Well it’s time to come clean so I have changed the photo to the real me.

It’s Australia Day here today and it a time to celebrate what a great county we live in despite the floods, bushfires, storms, etc and I can safely say there would not be one Australian would want to live anywhere else. Not today anyway.

It’s a public holiday Australia wide and most are either at the beach, having BBQ’s, enjoying time with the family or those unfortunate still cleaning up after the floods. For those living overseas, we wish you could be with us to enjoy the day.

Hope you had a great day.

My brother-in-law lives in Sydney.

Hope ya had a great day!

If I was ever going to switch countries I would choose Australia. I admit I know very little about the country, but I used to work at a mail order company, and every Australian I ever spoke to was very happy and good natured. I never once spoke to a grumpy Aussie. I figure they must be doing something right over there so if I ever get kicked out of the USA, then watch out guys because I am heading your way.

I agree Gregmatic! Australia is a place I have always wanted to go. Ever since I was a child. T recently read on the internet that Australia is #4 on which country is the happiest, New Zealand #5 and USA #10. So we in America are still emensly blessed! ;D