new player from georgia

Hello all.
New to the forum but love it. It’s a great resource for learning to play. I’ve always wanted to play harmonica and now I’m doing it. I will be asking questions when I get stuck so I hope I don’t become a problem. I’m enjoying learning and look forward to the help in the future.

Effort equals Result. Determination equals Success

Howdy RD!

Got some of them Carolinians here too, both North and South…so you’re in good company here! :slight_smile:



Keep On Harpin’!

Pleased to meet you!

Don’t worry about being the problem…the only way you would be a problem is if you become an absolute pro within a few hours of playing! Then the rest of us would feel bad! lol jk

Peace Out! And take it easy!


Howdy Rdover from GA!
Go Dawgs and sic um Uga!
Unless you’re a Yellow Jacket or other…
We’re not too far from the edge of the world (Lake Hartwell), so we’re not to far from Ga.
What part of the state are you?


NW Ga. Near chattanooga tn.

Hey again, Georgia! I don’t get to check in so often lately. I love your part of the state. Kinda in 'Bama band country (or close anyway).