new player here

Have used Jp’s Cdand dvd set for about 11/2 years and love to try to play. Have a chance to play with an artist here in Mazatlan Mexico but looking for some music

Well howdy JoeM!
It’s good to meet you here. You’ll probably find all you can handle right here in our little family of harp hammerers.


Buenos Dias Tardes e Noches, Amigo Jose!

Glad you enjoy JP’s home harmonica dvd set; have many here who do too!

You say you have a chance to play with an artist in Mazatlan - Hope all works well for you! Keep us posted, eh?

But since you’re also looking for music, you don’t specify what kind. Kindly inform us to see if we can help in anyway. Thanks!


Buenos Suerte!

Keep on harpin’

Hi, Great to meet you. The music tab I am looking for is the song “Storms never Last” by Waylon Jennings and Jessie Coulter.

Why is that virtually every harpster and harpsterette manages to find songs that other harmonica players play - Yet can’t seem to find any tabs and/or sheet music for those performances?! Ugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess it’s just one of those odd “Unknowables” peeps always talk about, eh? :o

Okay - I found the song; found the guitar chords; found one of many fine performances. Right here:
Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter - Storm Never Last

No fake books or sheet music though!

So unless somebody else has the sheet music; or if you have the sheet music - Well, this is where you’re going to have to do some homework in transposing.

I know you can find such transposer things here:

Just type in the search name: Charles Potter

And it will take you to them.

Others however may be able to offer their suggestions in this area too.

Still though another alternative is if you can actually find a midi-version of the song; and then download a midi to harp-tab transposition for/of it.

Again, this would be your homework assignment with a little help from here:

So bottom line:

Good luck, Jose! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!

Hey SPD, just listening (love Waylon!), but is that a C harp he’s playing?
Maybe my ears off, but it sounds like it…maybe. Sounds like a C harp, but then there’s something that sounds not right for a C harp. Maybe it’s just in the playback (couldn’t possibly in any way at all be my aging ear!).
Thanks for the video.


Hey Joe,

Welcome to the forum community…I’m excited to hear that your enjoying and playing along with my lessons…Have fun jamming with your buddies!!

Your harmonica buddy,


(Thanks for hooking him up SPD, nice find!)

Don’t you wish we could all get together elbow to elbow and just saw on those harps together?
What a rush that would be.
Thanks to all the guys. It seems every request gets at least a herculean attempt.


The first thing I do when I wake up is check the forum, The last thing I do before bed is check the forum, and
off and on and in between too :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of entertainment, and knowledge and a wealth of interesting Youtube vids.

Harp on!!

Oh and welcome to the forum Joe great place to be for encouragement in your Harp Journey

is that a C harp he's playing?

Howdy BB!

Well, I never thought much about it as I have all my other lessons to attend. However as well, I’m also here to learn and see what I can find whenever a new challenge offers itself up.

So I attempted to use JP’s suggestions about finding the key harp to the music being played:

At the same time, I also saw the chordal layout from here:

After listening/watching the vid, I was able at some point to actually play/accompany the straight tune on my Golden Melody G.

As far as the harp player goes, well, I’ve been able to eliminate C, Bb, E, and F.

So this only leaves A, D, and G.

Starting at about 1:56/57 when the harp solo comes in – Well, figuring that D is used most often in Country music, I tried that. At some point it matches, but so too does the G. So A is out.

Additionally, since it sounds like some bending is done in the lower register, maybe the harp is Country-tuned for that reason.

For me, it’s either the D or the G.

And also, since there are many other versions of this song on YouTube, well, maybe if you find one where the harp solo matches what you have - Then, you’ve nailed it!

This is my simple offering here. If anybody can verify/confirm it one way or the other - Let’s see if I got lucky and/or am actually starting to have a much needed Aha-Eureka Moment on this! If neither, well, back to the drawing board for me!

Hope this helps!


Keep on Harpin’!