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Hi Richard from Milton Keynes in England here.

I have decided to try and get back into learning how to play the harmonica after a break.

Originally it was the not knowing if I was doing it right (mouth positioning, sound of tune) which put me off before.

The harmonica I own is a Lee Oskar diatonic in C.

Hope to learn various tunes and not keep to a specific genre.

Welcome aboard, Richard. You’re going to learn a lot from JP and his lessons. He has a lesson on deep relaxed mouth position that will help you with your determining if you are doing it right or not.

I’m currently almost halfway through. I struggle with the single notes though I AM slowly getting them. But I REALLY love the Harmonica Boot Camps - anyone who skips those because they already know how to do it are missing a TON of fun.

Even if you don’t need the practice or you already know all about what he’s doing (mostly holes 1-2 draw/blow with one of the Boot Camps having you jump up higher and back down to 1-2 then up again however you feel like doing it which was GREAT fun and another where you’re working with your hand positioning while drawing/blowing on 1-2 holes and using whatever hand position you want however you want whenever you want. That was great fun too.)

I highly suggest when you get to the Boot Camp videos, if you’re doing his Happy Harpin’ videos which I also highly recommend (no I am not a paid actor or endorser, I simply love the laid back style and step by step that JP does that makes it FUN to learn even when getting frustrated like I do.) that you work through them even if you don’t “need” to simply because they are great fun!

Hope you find lots to learn here and again, welcome aboard (by the way, I tend to talk too much if you haven’t noticed ;D )

Happy Harpin’!!
Harpin’ Doje

Thanks for the welcome.


A harmonica book and cd arrived this morning (thanks amazon) which I was very pleased with.

I intend to get myself in gear tonight and start practising.