new to forum - not harmonica -

Hi. I’m Kristen.

I have been playing (regular) guitar for a long time and have played quite a bit of slide guitar (dobro and steel) as well. I would get my friend to play harmonica for me (dobro and harmonica are a match made in heaven)… but you can’t always bring a harmonica player with you when you play somewhere.

Over the past 40 years I have messed around with harmonica but each time it didn’t last too long. Its not the harmonica, but the metal around my lips. I can’t take it.

Recently I found a set of piedmont blues harps which are plastic … so I can play them. Not the greatest sounding but better than nothing. In my constant quest to find non metal body harmonica, I found the relatively new Hohner Pro Harp which has some kind of black coating over the metal which makes it possible for me to play. They cost about 40 bucks. About the same price as most of the other 10 hole Hohner harps. in my opinion, the Pro Harp sounds better than the cheap piedmont harps, but not nearly as good as the blues harp or special 20’s. but you have to work with what you got.

Being all psyched over having a decent harp without the metallic taste in my mouth, I purchased the Happy Harp disks. Although I like J P’s teaching style, the lessons appear to be too much for a beginner, at least for me with my background. I can bend and play some basic blues right now, but to be fair I will go through the lessons over the next month or so and see what I get out of it. But really, I think I could use something more advanced than this.


You can always buy a quality harmonica and replace the
cover plates with cheap plastic ones. That would be an easy way
to get a quality instrument without taste. LOL
It is the metallic taste of the covers that bothers you?
Have you tried any of the Suzuki’s, Seydel, or maybe even Hohner
Special 20 or Golden Melody? I never notice a metallic taste.
Of course, I am a brass instrumentalist of almost 50 years, so
I may just not notice…part of my life like breathing.
I prefer metal covers for the resonance. I believe plastic absorbs
vibrations rather than resonating with the instrument. But then again,
I am an old school performer.
I can feel the sound through an instrument. This is important to me.


The metal has bothered me my whole life. I have tried a few different “regular mettalic” harmonicas over the years but I can’t remember any of their names. I wouldn’t go out and buy different harmonicas just to see if the metal would bother me as they are not returnable items and it would be a waste of money…

Replacing the cover-plates, if that is doable, sounds like a great solution! The Hohner Pro Harp which I currently use, has a black cover-plate which is not metallic tasting. Do you think I can purchase just the Pro Harp cover-plates and put them on a Special 20? Do you think they would fit?


Measure and see if your Piedmont Blues covers
will fit.