new to forum

Hi everyone, Joe From Clinton CT, USA. Got to add the USA cause it looks like a global forum.
I’ve been playing for a couple years and just really looking to improve my skills.
Very addicted to it. Really love playing. I’m in my JR year over at
Very challenging course but nicely laid out. Did start with JP Allens cd’s dvd’s finish them.
But If I learned anything I think it’s you never stop learning this little instrument.

Joe, I give you credit for taking that course and sticking with it. That’s just too structured for me!


I’m a Tony Eyers - David Gage - Howard Levy student too!

Jon Gindick still scares me. But I’m reconsidering Dave Barrett’s** Master Class course too. :wink:

[i][**Special Note: I originally wrote Dave Barry – Until it was pointed out by our good harpster friend Charles that I did indeed have the wrong Dave:!/msg5817/#msg5817

I only correct this post today so as not to confuse anyone from here on out.


Keep On Harpin’! :D][/i]

Boy you never stop learning I’ve been playing just 2 years and probably have 2 more years before I finish and am already thinking where to go from there to continue learning…

Boy you never stop learning

Truer words were never spoken, Mr. Feeney! Truer words…

Hey Joe,

I’m so glad you’re here. I checked out a bunch of your posts and really appreciated seeing you support other harmonica players on the forum.

So cool!