New to Forum !!

Hi, Diatonicone here from Maine. I’ve only been playing harp for about 6 mo. I have been helped a lot by JP Allen’s videos and want to say thanks.

Welcometo the Forum! Come on in and get your feet wet! Post any problem, question or concern and I bet you will get a responce!
Happy Harpin’

Thanks for the Welcome, My wife got me started by buying me a Lee Oscar. Then My daughter bought me a Hohner Pro Harp for my B-Day. When my wife saw that I was really interested she bought me a set of 3 Special 20’s. Then my mother-in-law got me a Hohner case that holds 13 harmonicas. ;D Tell me I’m not a happy camper. One of my biggest reasons for learning to play is my grandson. He is learning to play the guitar and I thought it would be awesome to jam with him when we can play better.

I so personally love Maine! Stephen King Country for sure! :-*

I do however never drive in cars named Christine; never pet dogs named Cujo; and have never dated any chick named Carrie! :o

To each their own though! :wink:

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Smiles! :smiley:

Have fun! ;D

Keep On Harpin’! 8)

Welcome to the forum Diatonic. It’s funny what you say below because my family
tries to steal all my harps… ???

Hey, welcome! You’re gonna love it here, I give you my 99% guarantee! (the last percent costs extra. ;D) Anyway, I’m sure you’ll love this forum, and everyone in it. After all, “A place without people is just wasted space. A place with people, however, is a place of fun and fellowship.” -Unknown.

P.S. If anyone knows who said that quote, please let me know. It’s one of my favorite quotes, but I have no idea who said it.

Then don’t come to my house, Joseph, because our neighbors have a dog named Cujo, and we have a car we call Christina, (It’s not Christine, I know, but it close enough. ;D ;D) and my best friend’s mom’s name is Carrie. Go figure! ;D ;D
(We also have a car named Fran, but she broke (That’s why we bought Christina ;D).)

Well, it sounds like you are well on your way to harping paradise!

Peace Out, and best of luck on your harpin’ journey!