New to Forum

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mark and I am new to Harpin. I have be toying with it for less than a year, but nothing serious. I really picked it up because I really wanted to learn and give me something to do while deployed. Which I am currently in Afghanistan at this time. I picked up JP’s CDs to practice but It figures I forgot them back at my home station. Anyways I would like to get to know the Harpin community and pickup many tips along the way.

Hope everyone is well

Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is more than friendly and helpful! When you have questions or get stuck just post it. I’m sure you’ll get a response. A few of us sit around here like hawks in the treetops waiting for a post to jump on! ;D
I appreciate what your doing over there!!! You keep yourself safe and healthy! We look forward to more of your posts!
You haven’t lost your CD’s for good have you? That would be quite a loss!

Howdy, welcome, and a big thank you for your service.
I hope you’ll be back home picking up the lost lessons soon.


Welcome to the boards, Mark, and thanks for being over there for us. :slight_smile:

Pleased to meet you!

Feel free to ask an questions you might have!

Peace Out!


Welcome Mark,

Thanks for Serving, and the advice I would give is to practice as much as you can set aside 15 minutes up to a half an hour at most, and you will progress right along, within less time than you know it, you will be come and intermediate pro and be suprised by what yoiu have learned.