New to harmonicas, so new I don't have one yet.

Hello everyone!
Never seriously played in my life. Messed around with toy ones when I was really young, didn’t even try to “play”, just made noise.

Hoping to get a Suzuki Promaster in C for my birthday this Thursday from my girlfriend (I hope she picked the right harp from my wish list on Amazon and from my interest in it). Reading/watching all the info I can until then.

I wanted to start out on one that is said to be solid, high quality and easy to breathe through. I didn’t want to learn on a lower quality/ different brand then have to adjust to what I researched as a brand I might want long term. I also interested the Suzukis due to having facial hair. I didn’t want it to catch. Read they are good for people with facial hair.

Also trying to find good online/dvd lessons to start out with to prevent bad habbits. Any suggestions? I look forward to checking this site out more and learning my new harp!

BTW, I live in Northern NH/VT, USA.

Well your in luck! Look directly above at JP Allen’s Harmonica lessons, also available as a download! This is his forum and you will find many of his students and fans on this site.
You have a great harp on the way. Don’t worry too much about the facial hairs, I sport a full beard and they all pull now and then. That can be remedied with a little clear nail polish down the front edge so the hair cannot get under.
Keep it fun!

Hey Paul,
I realized that JP’s lessons are here after I posted. Doh! Read a lot of good things about it. I read somewhere here that there are a few free lessons available to try out. Does anyone know where they are posted? I want to learn properly but don’t want to drop $200 immediately on something I may find I don’t like. Already $50 in for the harp. I checked out the video on his site but since I don’t yet have a harp (1 more day), I didn’t watch the whole thing.

Thanks for the confirmation that the Promaster is a good harp. I was about to order a Hammond but she told me not to order it. She knew I wanted the Promaster before I finally decided on the Hammond but she already ordered the Regular PM. I’m fine with that.

I figured hair would work into them somehow but I want to minimize it. I also like how the top and bottom covers go all the way to both ends, I think that would help with lip comfort and keeping the lips airtight.

I hope this takes you to JP’s first free lesson. I believe you can sign up from here:
You can also get many,many free lessons on YouTube from all over the world. I found Adam Gussow and Jason Ricci’s Lessons there very helpful.

Great, thanks. I will check them out.