New to harp, really need your opinions for my next harp.

Hi fellows, i started playing the harp with an Hohner XB-40, G, a few years ago. Then to change key, i bought Lee Oscar, C, D, G and A, and three, or all of them, lost tune, at 4:th sucking.

I was fine with the XB-40 even thou it soared my lips a bit, then, i thought the smaller and lighter Lee Oscar harp, was faster and i liked that. Then, when the Lee Oscars lost tune, i picked up the XB-40 again, and i realize, the way i play (single tunes (pucking?)but as fast as i can, the XB-40 layout suits me much better.
Now, the XB-40 is not for sale anymore, i will order some spare parts reed plates C thou.

I can just handle a diatonic 10 hole right now, i really like the width (5") and weight, of the XB-40, because it altogether gave me precision, and was more predictable, even slower thou. My question is, what quality 10 hole, wide, diatonic harp, would you recommend for me, i will start with a C.


Hey again Sweet62!
Don’t take this the wrong way. This isn’t criticism but observation.
The XB is built for EXTREMELY easy bending. In my opinion, it’s too
easy. Using other models, we tend to overcompensate for the increased
resistance to bending by drawing harder, more pressure on the reeds.
The XB may work well for you. Many experienced players find that
they bend so easy that they are difficult to NOT bend. I am straying
from my point here though. Find an instrument of good (not necessarily
the greatest) quality that allows the use of good technique, and work to
master that particular harmonica. Always use easy breath pressure until
you have mastered that model. Many models respond very differently.
Even different instruments of the same model often respond differently.
I have never blown out a reed on a harmonica, and I am certain this is
due to following my own advice on breath support.
I am a trained wind instrumentalist, and one thing I understand is breath
support. On any instrument, one should be able to master any technique
with normal breath pressure. One should not have to overblow an instrument
in order to get a particular technique into his/her repertoire.
As for what harmonica, I like Golden Melody’s. They feel good to my
embouchure and play effortlessly. Of course I use only OLD ones modified.
Just buy one and try it daily for a month before you give it a score.


How long did it take you to flatten all the 4d reeds? They are usually the first reed to go, but if you are burning through them, it is certainly due to your technique.

"How long did it take you to flatten all the 4d reeds? They are usually the first reed to go, but if you are burning through them, it is certainly due to your technique. "

Well, anything from four mounths to four days. Then i havent ruined my Lee Oscar F yet, but i have ruined four other Lee Oscars, and one Hering Lumina C.

My Lumina lasted four days before she lost 4:th draw. And i did no smoking, drinking, eating or overblowing to her. Shoee, its 2013, is it impossibel to create a reed that can stand a little exitement? I dint even get the time to be used to it!

Anyway, from my new fellows at this forum, i took advices. I play much softer, i learned how to hold it making it louder to me, im working on my breathing, and it all together increase my skill to get the expression i want. Thanks.