New to the Harmonica (again)

Hi there, a big hello from me in Sydney.
This is my return to the harmonica, after a couple of years break. About three years ago I purchased harmonica lessons from JP Allen and thoroughly enjoyed them, racing through in a couple of weeks. I got to being passable around a campfire, and having fun, then life kind of got in the way and I put down the harp for a couple of years.
The enjoyment never left me, even if the knowledge did, so I recently restarted the lessons on DVD from scratch, and feel like things are coming back to me. While I’m still a rank beginner, I feel like I’m on the right path with JP’s lessons, and laying the foundations down well. Somehow I feel that this time it’s for good, and I’m now a harp player from here on in, I think it’s gonna be a fun ride.
Looking forward to becoming part of the community and learning from everyone.
All the best,
Wayne (AKA Loosemoose)

Your story sounds about like mine. I bought the DVD lessons from JP several years ago, started to learn but gave up after a few months. I was working then and was also probably a little lazy in learning dedication. I am now retired and pulled out the DVD’s in January and this time I can play some songs and I feel I have got the basics down quite well. I practice about 5 days a week and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Congrats to you on the same! I am having serious difficulty on bending hole 3, the others I am doing OK with. I couldn’t and can’t hit a lowest 3 hole draw bend quickly for anything. Very frustrating. 2 draw bend requires some effort. But, I practice some each day on it - try not to let that upset me too much and hope that someday my mouth, tongue, breath, etc figures out what I need to do! Carry on with your harpin’

I own several Hohner’s including my favorite the 64 chromonica.

Very much self taught and an absolute horrible player.

I do read music and play electronic keyboards and have studied music theory and do have the university credentials…

I do gigs but the economy in my part of the world is not that good. Plenty of free gig jobs as a back up player which actually is good way to stay in touch with the local players and managers.

Did own an acoustic piano but sold it to pay the rent a couple of years ago with very little chance of saving enough to purchase another.

Did go to my local public library last week and came home with books and books including a couple with CD/DVD’s for " how to play harmonica ".

Aside from reading those books and trying on my own i would like to have some advice/comments from the guru’s how to proceed.