new to the harp, missing a note


I have a Hohner American Ace C, got it awhile ago and have been learning to play slowly. Today I was learning to bend for the first time and my 9 seemed to die. I opened it up and didnt see anyhing odd (like I’d know! but it looked pretty uniform, no dirt, etc). I blew on both sides just incase, poked the reeds to make sure they moved. Now the 9 blows again but it still doesn’t draw.

There’s a lot of lingo I’m seeing, but not sure what it all is. Can someone point me in a good direction here?


The ACE is really considered a toy harp. The ability to get it to bend at all is impressive. Usually when a reed won’t sound and it is not obstructed by something, it indicates the gap is too large or small. Compare the gap size to the gap under the reeds to each side of the offending reed and make the gap the same as the others. See if this helps. If you are going to stick with this, I suggest getting at least a harp in the $30 price range to get away from the toys. Ebay has the best prices IMO.