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Are there any Country Music players on board? I play Steel Guitar and just bought JP’s lesson pkg. I love all types of music, but have been hooked on Country for years. Oldabe

I’m a country music listener! ::slight_smile: I cannot play to country yet but hope to. Right now I can play some Irish & Bluegrass tunes, Hymns, and breaking ground on playing Blues at the moment.

Thanks for your reply. I’m sure if you keep trying, you’ll be able to play Country before you know it. As I said in my post, I’ve been involved in Country for MANY years.
I started playing Harmonica when I was in elementry school, but over the years with service in the Marines (Korean War), and work, I never had time to practice. Since I’ve been retired, I now have more time learn Steel Guitar and now I’m back to the harp.
Keep on keeping on my friend. Oldabe