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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Hey thanks David!
What harmonica did you use on Sweet Hour of Prayer?
David for President of Hamonicaland!


On Sweet Hour of Prayer I used a Suzuki Harpmaster in A but I played in D. I did however modify my harp to major cross or melody maker tuning. I don’t play blues & I find this tuning far more melodic for Bluegrass, Country & Folk tunes. Of course if blues is your thing leave this tuning alone as it won’t work. I use a mix of tunings but still predominantly use the standard diatonic. Downside means that one has to have more harps and in playing with others my solos sometimes are on major cross whereas back up chordal accompaniment is on a standard diatonic plus some solos which wail a bit ie Amazing Grace & Will The Circle be Unbroken can benefit from nicely bent notes.