new ways to play

I kind of like this idea:
Unusual Harmonicas No.3 Harmonibagpipes!

Cool Beans! :smiley:

Now I know what to do with all the balloons I got left after christmas. ;D

Would be interesting to see what happens with helium filled balloons… :-\ 8)

Hey Ed aka SANTA if you read this post I think I remember you doing that tune is that how you did

HARP on!!

Speaking of ‘new’ ways to play - Kind of reminds me of this:’s-greatest-harmonica-joke-bar-none!/

Keep on Harpin’!

I don’t think the link is working SPD brings me back to the main forum page.

Harp on!!

Thanks Joseph!

It’s one of those links where you have to wrap around with the full url] [/url stuff on both sides.

I usually check the links before or after I post it. Missed this one. But hey, I’m only human! :wink:

I appreciate the head’s up though! All fixed now!

Thanks again, Bro!

Keep on Harpin’!

'Snails! Pipes and harmonica together!