New Year Harpin’ Resolutions & Desires!

Gotta have a plan, man!

Howdy Fellow Harpsters and Harpsterettes!

Okay – As we move into the next and last phase of our 2010 holiday season year – Time to take an account of what/how we did in the previous 12 months, as well as set goals for the next 12.

Sure, along with the always faithful resolution to: Lose Weight and Gain Money – Well, I keep working on that too. However… – In regard to our musical sides and natures, it’s good to have some goals you hope to achieve and will achieve if you stick to them!

Gotta have a plan, man (and woman!)

One of the best tools is to write them out and revisit them every so often to see how well you’re progressing. Keep in mind as well that words have power.

Meaning, if you say you wish to learn bending etc. – Well consider that the word wish is also part of the term wishy-washy; and we know what that refers to. {Too, for me, it holds about as much weight as the word ‘practice’ – but don’t get me started! Hehehehe! Anyway…}

So better to make it a desire and give it more strength. As in: I desire to learn more about bending and do it! Meaning then, you’ll do whatever’s necessary in your own searches and detective work to get the information you need as well as put it to good use.

This is just a small example, but you get the idea.

So with all that in mind, here are my New Year Harpin’ Resolutions & Desires. In no particular order, to wit:

A) Having spent the past year acquiring books, cds, dvds from various teachers et al– I resolve to go back and review as well as make stronger a foundation in music theory knowledge.

B) Having spent the past year acquiring harps from various makers and manufactures – Having been able to test and play them has given me knowledge to know now where I want to go and what I want to do. Henceforth:

I resolve to work on what I have; and learn more about tunings/customizations and what’s involved in it.

C) As I enter my second full-time year of learning/mastering this thing called harmonica, my desire is to step up my game. Therefore:

My goal is acquire the tools necessary to record myself as well as work with backing tracks and whatever else I can to develop my style, my brand, my kind of performances I want to do.

D) My desire is to find and work with other musicians, local and otherwise, whereby I can expand my horizons and gain real-life experience on these fronts.

E) My desire is to continue to not take myself too seriously; give myself permission to experience my ups and downs as they occur, knowing they are merely a part of learning/growth process itself!

F) My desire is to continually seek out and learn from those who are willing/able to share their knowledge and wisdom with me, so that in doing the work necessary this will make me the best overall player I want to be;

As well as to continually work with and assist those I can who are going/traveling along their Harmonica Universe journeys also.

G) My desire then is to see you all not only throughout this next year, but also for many more happy, successful, musically-filled years to come!

So on that fine note, my biggest ongoing resolution/desire is for you and me, you and I, we and us to always:

Just Have Fun!


Keep On Harpin’!!

AWE, SPD, My hearts all a flutter. ;D

  1. My main and most want to get a hold of is… mastery of the blues scale, up/and down.
  2. Continue to grasp hold of improvisation playing…which comes mostly from hearing more harmonica playing. So, all you others on this forum need to start posting your playing!!!
  3. Find a guitar player to jam with, or do like JF and buy one and learn myself.
  4. Continue to strengthen and grow the relationships that are being formed because of the harmonica!
  5. Save to go to SPAH convention in Fort Worth in 2012!
    There is more, but I think that this will suffice for now. Happy Harpin’! ;D

Hey SPD, A through F are great things to have on the agenda, but I really like G on your list because that’s what something like this forum is really all about!


Thanks Ty-Man and Mr B!

Makes it all worthwhile then, doesn’t it?!

Yet I feel I’d be remiss and negligent in my own self if I didn’t mention the following. And I know you wouldn’t expect anything less from me {hehehehe!} so here goes:

I suppose as Moderator of this fine forum it is permissible as well appropriate to have the desire of our surfer guests, new members and such who are seeking answers to help them along on their journey through the Harmonica Universe – That they do/will read through the posts and threads to discover all the wonderful lessons/conversations that have been made and are continually being made by all of our great contributors.

As someone who has been involved with forums since the early internet days when they were called bulletin boards and whatnot – As someone who has moderated now-defunct forums, yet currently moderates this one –

For myself, while we have a nice and growing global following, it’s no biggie and/or sweat off my nose if there’s a larger membership on the sidelines compared to the actual members who occasionally/regularly contribute and keep this place alive.

There are plenty of harmonica forums and websites out in the Harmonica Universe, and I’m quite happy for anyone/everyone who takes the time and makes the effort to visit our little fun sector of it here. Believe me: It’s all good!

Speaking of other harmonica forums and websites though, many moons ago, I posted about a place I believe would be of interest to many if not all here:!/

I bring this post up again to not only update some of the information, but more importantly to let you know that if your desire this year is to meet, greet and hangout with some really good people and have fun with harmonica players from all over the world – This just might be the place for you!

So for the update, in no particular order, to wit:

  1. The website is owned/operated by a terrific gentleman and fine harmonica player in his own right from Ireland. His name is Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus).

  2. His website, which has been around for several years, has three distinct and separate places to visit. These are: the Homepages; the Forum; and the Chat Room.

All parts of his website are free to visit and join.

While the Homepages and Forum offer plenty of fine harmonica selections/topics to peruse as well as become involved in/with –

For myself, as well as others, it’s the gift Seamus has given all harmonica players the world over and that’s: the Harmonica Club Chat Room!

  1. Initially, from our forum here, a meeting time/day was picked as Thursday. However, because of scheduling and time zone differences from whomever wherever – Instead, as this place is open 24/7/365 – We find and see each other when we find and see each other!

Since announcing this open invitation many moons ago, it has been my pleasure and honor to meet, greet and hangout with our forum members (too many to list here) who go there.

Plus, I’m proud to say I know and have harmonica friends from such places as Norway, New Zealand, the UK, and virtually all over the US from Florida to Alaska and anywhere/ everywhere in between.

  1. If/when you find yourself in the Chat Room, and it’s your first time and/or you’re not quite sure of how everything works and/or how to proceed, well here are some very easy guidelines to help you along:

A) The Chat Room has both microphone (audio) and webcam (visual) functions. Even if you have neither at the time, most likely you will have computer speakers and a screen whereby you can hear and see others.

So it’s okay to put your fingers to work and type. Yes, I know I can/do type fast. But that’s my skill and talent. However too, everyone has a great time conversing and sharing with each other in this nice ‘n’ lively, very friendly setting!

So never the need to feel shy or anything like that as: “Ve vill find ways to make you ‘talk’ no?..And hopefully laugh and enjoy yourself too, eh?!” Mwuahahaha!!

B) Although it’s not necessary for you to play harmonica during your visits, well don’t be surprised if you are encouraged to do so.

Everybody is given their opportunities to play - Once, twice, even more so time and time again!

And there’s great fun making the rounds to be sure!

Now I know this might raise the hairs on the back of your neck and elsewhere saying: “But I’m just a beginner; and everybody’s a pro; and/or everybody plays better than me etc. etc. yada yada yada eek!”

Well let me put your mind at ease by saying –

C) Regardless of anyone’s level or proficiencies here and there, we really enjoy our get-togethers because we all share the same goals in mind. That’s just to hang out with each other; learn from each other; play harmonica and any other instruments you care to play with each other. And yet most importantly: Just Have Fun!!

Well, I can go on and on about all the wonderful experiences that are in store for you if/when you find your ways over to this website. Better yet though to find them out for yourself, eh?! Hehehehe!!

So bottom line: As Moderator here, I’m grateful for you stopping by to check us out and hang around a while or even longer. We hope your stays and visits are pleasant ones.

Even if you just like to hang out on the sidelines as it were, no problem. Just know that you’re always welcome to post and let us know how your journey through the wide and vast Harmonica Universe is going.

And whether you be a surfer/guest or new/regular member here – If you click the following link and do find your way into Seamus’ Harmonica Club Chat Room – Well, everyone’ll definitely be happy to see ya when we see ya!!


Have A Safe, Wonderful And Prosperous New Year!

Keep On Harpin’!

Peace & SPD Out!!