New Zealand Earthquake

Howdy Folks!

No doubt by now many of us have heard or seen reports about this latest catastrophe:

Truth be told, as the scrolls went by on Fox News last night, when I glanced at an earthquake in Christchurch, I thought it was Brazil. So much for my geography questions on Jeopardy, eh?! Anywho…

Hearing more about it from Fox News, and realizing this was in New Zealand, I immediately set about to contact Davey_G, from NZ, and our good friend over at Seamus’ chat room.

Thankfully, he was online; and we were able to discuss the recent events. Him and his family are safe and as best as they can be for now. That’s some good news there.

In addition, realizing we do have members here from that neck of the woods – If anybody or somebody does know them, and can contact them, please let them know our thoughts and prayers go out to them and theirs.

Also, it would be nice to know if any member from NZ can let us know you’re okay too!


Peace & God Bless!!

We are praying for y’all!