Newb here

So I’m a newb. I’ve player blues bass, however for about 8 years.
I had bought a set of honer piedmont blues, because it had a few keys. Decided immediately to get somthing better. So now I own the Suzuki promasster in C.
Hopefully it comes in the mail, because the piedmont blues set stinks. A few draw notes won’t play, 4 of the 7 harps are pretty much junk. Anyways, excited to be here, take care

Yes Piedmont Harps are crap! The reeds sometimes have metal filings or trash that keep the reeds from moving. The are not so bad for playing in first position, but they don’t bend worth a darn!! It’s handy to have the correct key when wanting to play along with recordings when first learning.
The Promaster is a Great harp and will do everything you ask of it!

Yeah the g harp had ghetto reeds. Like, filings of metal but were still attached to Reed, and made playing near impOssible.
Now this promaster by Suzuki… Woah buddy!even my novice jam riffs sound well played. Bending is a breeze, and on the piedmont bending would render a “clicky buzzy” sound as my special lady friend put it, haha. The Suzuki is my dream harp. Now… Low f or g is probobly my next harp, because Ive been playing blues and jazz bass for, what 8,9 years now, and I feel the lower notes would just “sit with me” well.
Anywho been jamming all week on
My c harp to blues tracks in g on YouTube. Anyone know of a site to just get tracks like that?