newbie for the uk.

just started out on jps dvd set last week!
really enjoying myself and would love to here back from anyone else just starting to share tips ect ;D
male 35 sw uk

Welcome to the forum. I’m pretty new as well. The only tip I can give is: Don’t rush yourself. This isn’t a race.
I got to the part of JP’s lessons where you are playing pretty fast and having to bend. I don’t have single notes down well enough much less bending so I stopped for a bit until I get comfortable and ready to continue on. Practice, practice, practice. That’s what I’m doing every day. I CAN tell a difference and that’s a good thing. :wink: Good luck and have fun.

Thats right! It ain’t a sprint…ain’t even a marathon!

Just chill and have a good time…enjoy the journey!

Glad you joined us!


Welcome! Good to have you join us.

Howdy and welcome.
Just keep enjoying your harp and having fun.
It’s a good journey. Relish every step.


That looks like a Shropshire post code to me, how coincidental that I’m searching for UK peeps and first one I see is from my county :wink:
I’ve been doing JP’s online tutorial since about June so I guess by now you’ve done quite a bit, hope you still playing :slight_smile: