Newbie from Australia

G’day all,
I have just started playing harmonica. I have no musical talent, no musical background, no musical family members, so basically I’m greener than Kermit the frog. :o But it is addictively challenging for me.
I love JP’s youtube vids and I am saving up for his lesson package. It will be a few months away for me yet though. In the mean time I have bought my self the special 20 to start out on as per JP’s advice and am trying stuff out every day. I love the advice and friendly manner on this forum. I look forward to reading more posts from you guys.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge

G’day Mum!

Sounds like you’ve got a great handle on taking up the harmonica.

Regardless of previous musical experience or not, just having a plan to learn it, and following through with them…well, the lifetime results and full-time enjoyment will more than pay for the initial investments to be sure!

Have fun!



Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome to the forum Aussie Mum.

I am in Brisbane and if I can help at any time just let me know. I am only a relatively new player starting last September but you will find many talented players here to assist so if you have any questions just ask.

What part of the country are you from?


Don’t worry about the musical experience! Makes literally no difference!

Have fun, and the best of luck!

Peace Out!


Howdy and welcome, Aussiemum.


Thanks for the welcome Guys.
My eldest daughter, 12, squeals along with me most days. My youngest daughter 9 is starting guitar.
Is the 3 hole really hard to bend? ??? I can get a “bendy” noise out of the other draw notes but 3 has me stumped. :-
OK, yes I am rushing things but I like the challenge and the 3 bend is certinaly providing that. Getting any noise out of the higher holes is also a challenge. I find I have to change my tongue position to get them to sound ok. Told you I was green ;D I really enjoy the chugging train rhythms…how they get that fast is amazing.

Keith, I’m not far from you…I’m up near caboolture.

have a good one :wink:

Yes, the Draw 3 and 2 holes are really hard to bend for all beginners and even some intermediates as well.

So don’t quit while you’re behind, as it will take time before you’re ahead! <<<And you can quote me on that! Hehehehehe!>>>

Along with all the topics/threads on the subject in the forum, here’s some other good information too. Just click around the links and you’ll be on your way:

Remember though: Reading ain’t the same as Doing…So give yourself permission to take things nice and easy, and you’ll be fine in the long run! <<<Another of my quotable quotes?! Mwuahahaha!!>>>


Keep On Harpin’!

Hey Aussiemum, when I got started, I was afraid I’d never get to bending at all. After a little playing around and having lots of fun, the draw and blow bends just fell in my lap. Just have fun doing what you can while following JP’s course.


I’m having fun checking out the forum while we’re at one of our downtown outdoor concerts we have on summer weekends.


Pretty good harpman in the band.


Hey Aussiemum,

cheers to you for diving in with such boldness and enthusiasm! I love hearing about peoples newly discovered addictions to the harmonica. I’m glad you found me and would love to be supportive to you. You can send me a video clip, and I’ll be happy to give you some tips.

Your harmonica buddy,