Newbie from Hungary reporting

Hi, Guys,

so glad I found you.

JP, thanks for the free lessons, you got me on your hook and I plan to invest in your stuff.

I play some American folk on the guitar on YouTube under the same alias and I would like to learn some harmonica to add bridges and embellishments to the songs I play – and who knows, maybe more. I had a 20-hole two-row tremolo harmonica when I was a kid and I could play “Yellow Rose of Texas” but that was all.

I bought a Suzuki Hammond HA-20 in C today (gee, what a beauty, I wanted to have a Special 20 but could not resist, what do you think?) and will start blowing and drawing as soon as I am alone in the apartment ::slight_smile:

That’s all for now, I will ask when I need some info but first I will read through the stuff you have amassed on the forum.

Springtime regards from Budapest, Hungary


Welcome and the Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!

Thank you, TB - I will do my best 8)

Wow! “Yellow Rose of Texas” on a tremolo must sound cool!

Throw in a little “Oh Susannah” “Camptown Races” with a mix of “Shenandoah” and you’ve got yourself an act going there! :wink:

Don’t know much about Suzuki harps, but others are sure to let you know how well you did on the Hammond. Only thing I know about Hammond is they made organs for church and skating rings! Hehehehe!


Have fun!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hey,thanks for the kind words, this is going to be a loooong journey but I have my hiking boots on, my new harp in my hands and you to fall back on when I stumble so it can’t go wrong. :slight_smile:


Well Mr Z –

Seeing as how my hands are full of harp themselves…

And y’know I got that lumbago umlagato thing going on with that third from the middle whatchamacallit going on in my back…

Well, hell, I’ll still keep that big cushy pillow handy just so’s if you do happen to stumble just a tad, at least it’ll be a soft landing! Yay!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hey Zsolt,
I’m enjoying hearing the enthusiasm in your post…I would say if you have a passion for a certain kind of harp, go for it…my favorite as you know is the Special 20, but there are so many incredible sounding harps out there you can’t go wrong.

Have fun with it! By the way my nodmoma was from Hungary. A place called Houst, but she always talked about the beauty of Budapest.

Your harmonica buddy,


Hey Z,

Just listened to your cover flowered dresses on Youtube wow that was great!

I’ve been trying to teach myself a little guitar it’s a lot of fun.

I know about 5 chords G A C D E…but I can’t seem to go from one to another
very quickly. But it’s fun.

Good luck on the harmonica.

Harp On!!

Hey JP,

thank you for your kind reply. Yes, I researched a bit before buying the Hammond and found that it really is said to be a good instrument (Brendan Power plays it on YouTube like… wowwww). I enjoy it a lot. I’ve even dreamed I was able to play some bluesy riffs on it… It was so realistic, I did not want to wake up ;D

I am glad to hear about your Hungarian origins (I suspected that hearing your nice Hungarian accent ;D ;D - just joking). Well, Huszt (Houst) used to be a very old Hungarian place, it currently belongs to the Ukraine (one of the republics of the former Soviet Union). It has only 1700 Hungarian inhabitants, the majority (some 28 thousand) are Ukrainians but there are also some Rumanians, Germans and Gypsies. It is right on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border and has an old castle ruin that played an important part in Hungarian history. Your nagymama (nodmama) must have had a turbulent childhood there, the place changed hands (and country) several times in the 20th century. I am glad you are still proud of your Hungarian origins.

Allen, I made a big mistake by watching your free videos without having my harp ready. I thought I could watch them again when I have an opportunity to tikka-takka along with you at a later time but now they are not available at the links in your emails. Is there a way to access them a second time?

Thank you for all your help and encouragement :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,

wow, I am glad you looked me up on YouTube. I have been playing some guitar since I was 14 but only began in earnest some 2 years ago when I got hooked first on John Prine’s songs and later on American Folk as a whole.
Chord changes get faster with time and practice, just keep doing it. I am no big guitar wizz kid either but I enjoy what I am doing a lot. I even make attempts at singing which is a lot harder business… I always excuse myself for that in the introduction to my videos :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words, all the best to you!


Hey Zsolt,

in regards to finding more of my free lessons, please visit my website,
I am proud of my hungarian heritage, it greatly influences me musically.
My grandmother definitely did have a turbulent childhood in Huszt, she always used to tell me about when she was stuck on a bridge as a child while soldiers were firing bullets over her head, and then went home to watch her grandfather getting beaten. Tough times. She was a survivor. My sister visited there and had a Ukrainian guide and she said the village was pretty depressed economically and culturally after so many shifts.


Hi Zsolt,

Welcome to the forum. With your musical background you will pick up the harmonica in a very short time. If you get the opportunity purchase JP’s bundle and it will certainly assist with your playing. Best of luck.


Hi Allen and Keith,

thank you for the encouragement, I am doing my best. Allen, you can reserve me a place at the tutors’ desk in the Harp Academy – I can play the Tikka-Takka song like a god :wink:

All the best to you,


Good luck Z !!

You scared me for a moment I had to go back and look see if the early vids where still in my email and they are. They play too which is awesome since I,m still very green and go back to the too too ta ta , tucka ticka every once in a while. I havnt scraped up the cash yet for the bundle but am pretty much hooked and will do so soon . . . hopefully. It’s amazing that I can play stuff considering I’ve got no musical background at all JP’s stuff is awesome from what I’ve seen so far. Good luck again !!