Newbie help...G#m Blues

Greetings all. I’m trying to decide which harp to buy. I need to play the G# m pentatonic blues scale. The song is in B. I’m attempting a current pop song called Timber. Not much guitar in it so i volunteer ed to try the harp part. i have two old chromatic harps but i m not at a skill level to pull it off on those. any help or advice is appreciated.

Get more of the same really. We did do a good following here.

“I need to play G#m blues scale”… “Which harp?”

F# major
C# major
G# minor

I’ll take a stab at this. (if i am wrong someone please correct me)

You can play the G# (minor) blues scale 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7

In 3rd position on a F# major harp. (Easiest in the middle register holes 4-7)

3rd position means that the root note is 1 draw and 4 draw (and another one up high but I don’t have a harp on me right now to check it, mess around with 7-8 and there is probably another G# root in there somewhere)

ill try to remember to out the tabs in later

You could also play that in 2nd position (cross harp) on an C#/Db

To get the b3 note which makes it minor you need to bend draw 3 down a 1/3 step.

This would be in a lower register of the harp, on holes 3-6)

Or you can play it on a Minor harp- 2nd position (which it is labeled in and meant to be played in) minor harps are fun, I am very glad I have a mine.

And you can get it on the chromatic harp it would be a great exercise in playing in a different key. And it only has 3 accidentals, so only 3 slide notes (b3 b5and b7)

and I am sure there are other ways.