Newbie here

Hi I’m Virgil. I just started playing again last November after a very long lay off. I am in chromatics, only Hohners - 270 and 280. The last time I played was in grade school. I am now 69 years old. And so I am recording my playing and tinkering experience with harmonicas in this site: I invite everyone to drop by.

Welcome to the boards, Virgil!
I’m looking forward to getting to read your blog and learn a thing or two (or several) about chromatics!

(P.S. SPD, BT, you guys are slacking! ;))

Flatpicker, thanks.

Welcome Virgil! I’ll be checking out your blog too! I hope to moveup to the Chromatics pretty soon. Not ready to take that step yet, still fighting with the Diatonics. Glad you can join us.

Pleased to meet you! Looks like a good blog!

@ FP…hey! I was in Washington DC for a few days…I come back and the membership skyrockets! I gotta go to DC more often! lol


Haha, yeah. Don’t go anywhere out of the country, or the forums might explode! :smiley:

And I’m sure the skyrocketing membership has everything to do with your D.C. trip and not JP’s putting out a new lesson set. ;D

Speaking of, I wonder how he’s advertizing so well to get such traffic through here…

Oh yes…somehow people knew I would be gone!


Speaking of which, I am really REALLY stoked to see so many people getting his lessons! We will bring back the harmonica!


Howdy Virgil!
Welcome. Where ya from?
I glanced over your link. I’ll go back and read some later.
That’s quite a blog.


Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.