Newbie in NE Texas

I’ve puttered around for too long trying to learn the harmonica so now it’s do or die. I ordered the course and I am really anxious to get started.

I just got my course bundle in today’s mail. I only have a dialup internet connection so the online stuff is a bit tricky for me. I downloaded the online stuff at work and brought it home to watch.

I’ve been watching the first DVD off and on all afternoon. I had to wait until I got home from work. I’ve practiced with the DVD but for the most part I’m watching it through once.

The course also comes with the ‘JR & Rebecka’ video series. Do most of you who have the course switch back and forth between the dvd’s and the JR&R series?

Howdy NE Tex!

Anyway you watch/do the lessons is fine!

I started with JP’s YouTube and email lessons. Didn’t take long to convince me that this is someone/something I wanted to invest in to finally learn the harmonica after all my years of not exactly knowing how to do it. JP Allen’s best-selling world’s most favorite home harmonica course DVD bundle is still one of the best personal investments in myself I’ve ever made!

From the time I received the bundle (in October) to acquiring other harmonicas to play along with, I went through and finished up the series several months later (in February/March.)

You’ll learn a lot to keep busy for quite awhile (and hopefully involved long after that!) So no need to rush the process, as you’ll only frustrate yourself if you do.

We have other fine Texans here on the forum; hopefully you’ll be able to meet up with them to help you along in your neck of the woods!


Good Luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

I’ve been watching the first DVD and reading the Welcome letter. Previously I had tried to learn by focusing on songs. Not this time. I’ll take his advice and learn techniques first.

I have the two Bluesband harmonicas that came with the course as well as a Special 20, a Marine Band, a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic and a Golden Harp and Pocket Pal (both cheap) all in C that I can practice with. I’ll set the better harmonicas aside until I get the basics down better. Besides, the cheap ones can handle the abuse of my backpack or bike bag!

I also have a couple of Suzuki Folkmaster Harmonicas (not in C). I’ve not seen reviews of this particular harmonica. It seems to be a decent one as far as I can tell. The nearest music store did not carry Special 20’s when I bought these.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Howdy NE Tex!

Having different styles/makes/models of harps even if most are in C is a good thing!

Gives you the opportunity to compare the differences and find which ones you like more, less, etc.

The cheaper ones are also good to begin learning maintenance when you’re ready to get your hands ‘dirty’ and open one up to see how it all works et al. Plenty of tips throughout the forum for this, such as:!/

Playing tunes/melodies along with chugging, getting the techniques and such to where you can express the music within yourself is what this is all about.

In any event, take and give yourself TIME, as it will pay off in bigger dividends when you do!

Have fun!


Keep On Harpin’!

I hadn’t thought about the maintenance aspect. You’re absolutely right. I’d much rather risk the Golden Cup harmonica in practicing maintenance than the Special 20. I’ve noticed that the better harmonicas take less effort to produce decent volume. I can blow lighter on them.

The first thing I noticed in the videos is that I have to breathe differently. That is taking some getting used to. I’m not sure of the mechanical difference but there is one.
Thanks again.

Well, Welcome!

Best of Luck on the Harp to ya!

Peace Out!