Newbie in the Twin Cities

Hi to everyone!

I’ve been watching JP on YouTube, I like his stuff. I plan to buy his lessons soon, read " as soon as I get a go-ahead from my other half.

I’ve been noodling around for about 10 years, never had any lessons so I’m still a beginner. I did buy a few books, and some lessons from a guy out in CA, who you probably are familiar with. He specializes in working with beginners, and I liked his stuff. But JP’s style is much different and I’m looking forward to getting his lessons.

I have no musical ability. As a kid, my dad taught me the accordion for a few years. But I hated that and gave it up as soon as I could. Later, as a grownup, I wished I could play something. After a night a a local blues club, listening to Charlie Musselwite play, I decided I wanted to do that. So I bought a couple of harmonicas and started. I’ve never been diligent with practicing and really working on it, that’s why I’m still a beginner. I hope with JP’s lessons, I can change that.

Looking forward to being in this group. And hope to learn a lot.



Sounds good northerner!

I’m south of ya, in Owatonna now!

Glad you joined us!


Welcome! We have a similar start to playing the harp! When you get stuck, hit a wall, or just need encouragement, drop a post here. Lots of friendly people here willing to help.

Thanks to all!

I think my biggest problem now is practice practice practice. For years, I’ve not had/made time for the necessary daily practice. Back in the day, I was single, & the stumbling block was I was lazy. Now, with a family, job &tc, &tc, I use that tired old excuse: not enough time. I fear though, its just that I’m still lazy. Gotta focus, and get past that wall. I remember when a kid, being forced to learn the accordion, and my parents providing the motivation. Kind of unpleasant, but it worked. Maybe my other half would be willing to help… Wait, not sure I want to go there. Well, there’s a way. I’ll figure it out.