Hi, I am completely new to learning to play the harp, using JP Allen online, quite good and enjying it. I use a d Honer 20 :wink: is that good??

That’s a very good and popular harmonica to start out with.

You made a good choice ;D

Harp On!!

Welcome! That Sp 20 will take you a long way! It’s what JP uses and recommends. I have a whole set and I will stick with them!

I bought the Special 20 last night and love it. Enjoy the lessons. I know I will when I get it. Are you doing the online or did u get the dvds?

Hi Birddog,

The Special 20 will serve you well, they are a good starting harp and many great players have a full set in their collection. I got the DVD’s and very happy

Hi astrogaz,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you have a ton of fun with JP’s material and yes you picked a good choice with the Special 20.

That is a good choice!

Peace Out!


You may want to get one in C so it sounds like what you hear on the videos.