Hi my name is eddie i,m from Ireland, i,m new to this, so i,ll take all the help i can get both with how to use this forum and how to play the Blues, thank you

Ask a question and we will be glad to help out! Welcome to our group!

Hi Paul! thanks for your reply, my question is i can do alot of the licks, the bends and that, but i cant put it all together, i seam to be able to pick up tunes quiet easy, but dats not what i want, i want to play the blues, i also struggle at the breathing,


Practice playing harmonica while lying on your back will help with getting the posture right for your breathing…

What specifically are you having difficulties with in regard to your breathing?


Hi der BT!
Thanks for your reply, the problem i am having in regards to breathing is that i run out of breath very quickly, like i mean after a few notes, and i dont think i,m bending properly, so maybe that might have something to do with,
Thanks once again for your help, bye for nows